WordPress Designer Job Description

Wanted: Freelance WordPress Designer

With Divi Experience


The Opportunity
FreeUp Web Studio is a boutique website agency that specializes in building and managing WordPress websites. As a Designer with FreeUp, you would be in charge of the creation of fully designed and functional pages and will hand off the design to others for content load.

A Good Fit
We are looking for people who are:

  • Happy: We look for people who are happy and enjoyable to work with. Our goal is for this work to supplement the happiness in your life, not take away from it
  • Service Minded: We like to always think of how we can be helpful to others. This includes co-workers and fellow WordPress community members as well as clients
  • Inquisitive and Self-directed: We are looking for someone who is not afraid to learn something new. We love to see our contractors looking and embracing new learning opportunities
  • Accountable: We need our contractors to be accountable to our clients as well as to FreeUp for delivering projects on time and on budget
  • Flexible: This position is great for a freelancer who is not looking for full time work, but to add additional hours to their freelance business

Our Values
FreeUp is a small agency made of people with lives, love, and passion. As a result, we value:

  • Great Customer Service: Our customers deserve the best that we have to offer
  • Communication: Communication is key when working to meet client’s needs and expectations
  • Accountability and Hard Work: Hard work and being dependable are tops in our books for people who work with FreeUp.
  • Family: Our lives do not revolve around work. We do not fit family around work. It is quite the opposite. We work hard, but recognize that family comes first
  • Health: Healthy living and a happy and healthy lifestyle are important cornerstones of success


  • Work from home or from anywhere you like
  • Contract position with hours fluctuating based on projects
  • Flexible hours are available, however, it may be necessary to be able to make phone calls and attend meetings at times that are convenient to our clients (most often, during U.S. daytime work hours)

Job Responsibilities
As a designer, you will take the strategy information from the project manager and create a brand board and final page design. You will be in charge of:

  • Reviewing the client strategy form which includes company, brand information and design keywords and creating a brand board that includes typography, color palette and sample images
  • Selection of stock photography if included in the project
  • Minor graphic design and photo editing for the purpose of creating images that fit into the site’s design
  • Creation of pages (mainly using ET’s Divi Builder). Because we use the Divi Builder, formal wireframes are not necessary
  • Report project status to the PM and be available for progress meetings as needed
  • Meeting prep, agenda, and follow-up
  • Produce weekly summary reports

Soft Skills

  • Strong communication in English and experience working as part of a remote team a plus
  • Self-motivated, detail-oriented, strong organizational skills, with a methodical approach to all tasks
  • Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines


  • Availability to communicate and attend meetings with clients and project manager during a time convenient for both parties (most often during U.S. daytime hours)
  • Experience working as a designer
  • Experience with Divi Builder

Additional Experience a Plus

  • Experience with Visual Composer
  • Experience with Asana Project Management Tool


  • We believe that freelancing is a way of life. As a freelancer you have great flexibility to determine your own schedule. We respect that and encourage our contractors to work in a way that suits their lifestyle, while also producing results.
  • We pay contractors weekly. You can count on being paid, there is no sending invoices and waiting 30 days for payment.
  • We believe in learning and growing professionally as well as personally. While working with FreeUp, you will have access to project management resources that can improve your skills. Likewise, we look forward to learning from each of our contractors because we recognize that everyone has something valuable to offer.


  • You should apply online. BEFORE APPLYING, please read this job post carefully to make sure this is a fit for you.
  • Please apply via our application form. Make sure to include the following:
    • A quick and personal intro
    • Briefly describe your experience
    • Briefly describe your design process
    • Please include a list of websites you have designed
    • Please include a couple of references

We look forward to hearing from you!

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