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The Services We Provide

FreeUp Web Studio is here to offer you peace of mind regarding your website. WordPress and other web technologies have made websites more accessible to people allowing the creation of a website without the need to understand programming. However, there are still details of managing and securing your website that can be daunting to someone not familiar with the technical aspects of the web. Making sure that your SSL certificate is securing your website and managing the DNS records are just a couple of examples. FreeUp can take this worry from you and handle these technical aspects of your website through out monthly management services.

DNS Records

DNS stands for Domain Name Services and this is a very vital part of your website and related domain name functionality. If DNS records are not properly configured, your website, email, and other services may not work properly. We can manage all of the technical details of your DNS records.

Software Updates

Your site requires continual updates to keep it functioning and secure. Without regular updates, your site can lose functionality and be at risk. FreeUp will handle all of your updates on a monthly basis so that you don’t have to worry.

Professionally Managed Process

When we handle your updates, we do them in such a way that your live site is never impacted. We handle all of your updates in a staging environment to prevent your site from going “down” during updates. After updates are completed, we do a brief “QA” of the site to make certain that the site is functioning well. Once the updates are complete and we have reviewed the site, these updates are pushed live all at once so that your live site is never “down” or in “maintenance” status.

Content Changes

FreeUp is here to help you as much or as little as you would like. If you would like us to manage the content, you can simply submit a support ticket and we will handle all of the content. If you would like to manage content yourself, that is great. We will continue to be here for consultation and will manage the more technical details of your site.

Monthly Reporting

Each month, you receive a monthly report detailing the activities completed on your site.

Additional Security

When Free Up manages your DNS, you get an extra layer of performance and security with our cloud service.

Free SSL Available

By using our cloud service, you can get a free SSL which can help boost Google search rankings.

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FreeUp Web Studio is here to help.

We help “Free You Up” so you can run your business. The amount of assistance we give is up to you. We can help as much, or as little as you wish. To begin monthly management with FreeUp, simply sign up here.


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